What is your role?

Are you an I.T. decision maker or an executive with little I.T. experience?

Whatever IT challenge you are having, AHX understands the needs of IT professionals and executives encounter. There never seems to be enough time to ensure that your systems are always up and running — or enough time to plan and deliver on your strategic IT projects and initiatives.

Many businesses face the following challenges

You are an IT manager/director (or executive) managing an infrastructure with a large amount of technology demands, and you are under pressure to consistently deliver more from your IT – while working with limited financial resources, outdated systems, processes, and you do not have the bandwidth to do it all.

You have a team with limited skill set and seeking to add additional IT expertise or specific skill-sets not available to you in-house, either for a short- or long-term project, or on an ongoing basis.

You are an IT professional managing a busy help desk or IT team, but need additional resources or a bench of certified IT professionals available at a moment’s notice to help support your team during periods of increased workload, growth spurt, or assistance with IT projects

Are you an I.T. Manager or Director inundated with your daily tasks?

We can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

AHX offers flexible packages to work side by side with an I.T. group. We understand there is not enough hours in the week to ensure that everything always works and still have time to address mission critical projects.

Our team of certified professionals will communicate with your internal I.T. department using an enterprise ticketing platform that gives your employees a simple, web-interface for submitting IT issues, dashboard for which devices are being monitored and tracking assets. Service calls are as easy as a click of a button. No more endless phone sessions, communication challenges and ‘we versus you’ mentality. One team philosophy with the same goal – 100% uptime.

Co-managed I.T. services enable

  • 24×7 Computer Support
  • 24×7 Network Support
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Reporting
  • 24×7 Server Support
  • IT Strategy Planning
  • Staff Augmentation Options

Benefits of I.T. collaboration:

  • Documentation
  • 24×7 Support
  • On-Demand Certified Experts
  • Project Services
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Unlimited Support

Are you an executive or CEO with little I.T. experience?

Focus on your business goals and let us solve your I.T. problems.

The competition is fierce and it’s critical that your I.T. infrastructure is available to your clients and employees 24×7. As a business executive, you know that any interruption to your network is just too costly, it affects production, profits and customer relations.

Clients that had a full time IT staff have reported a savings of 40-55% the first year. Our custom managed services free you from the high costs of hiring and maintaining your own full time I.T. staff. We let you focus on your business and goals instead of worrying about your network and technical issues.

An end to end solution for your IT requirements

  • Comprehensive managed services is a Pro-Active plan that ensures your systems do not go down and are always patched

  • 24×7 Remote Help Desk support available when your employees need it
  • Cloud computing services available from any device from anywhere at anytime
  • Strategic I.T. planning is available to our partners that lack expertise

Benefits and what makes us different

  • Predictable cost
  • Certified team
  • Guaranteed response times
  • 24×7 team based in Palo Alto, California
  • Proactive NOT Reactive
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Unlimited Support
  • I.T. Solutions To Fit Your Business Needs

    Contact us and let us know your business I.T. requirements. New customers qualify for a free network analysis valued at $1,000.00.
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