I.T. Solutions for Mid Sized Businesses

If you’re a company with 200+ employees, our prepackaged solution can take care of your basic I.T. needs. We can also tailor a custom plan specifically for your business industry.

Fixed Monthly Technology Cost

Our services are provided at a fixed monthly cost allowing you to accurately predict and budget your IT expenses just like you would any other bill. With our managed IT services, businesses pay a flat monthly fee which forces us to solve technology issues in a timely manner.

Cloud Support for Mid Sized Businesses

We’re an experienced SF, Bay Area based IT Provider for businesses of all sizes locally and nationwide. Our cloud based IT solutions and remote desktop support allow you to free yourself from the burden of maintaining your own IT infrastructure and the cost of the staff required to support it. We also provide onsite support service in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Grow With Cloud Services

Numerous independent commissioned studies have been done that show cloud based services not only save companies money, they also help grow and expand their business while at the same time providing their employees with the tools needed to achieve higher productivity.

Mid Sized Business Computer Support Packages

Management of up to three devices per user including any combination of workstation, laptop, or smartphone.

  • Computer Support
  • Microsoft Suite Support
  • Patch Management
  • Anti-Virus Support
  • SPAM Management*
  • Business Apps
  • Diagnostic Performance
  • WiFi Support
  • Peripheral Management
  • Secure Remote Support
  • Costs starting point

Business Hours

  • Unlimited Support
  • $55/user/month

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24×7 Support

  • Unlimited Support
  • $65/user/month

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*Business hour packages start at $45/user/month for offices with 400+ employees.

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