What is your Industry?

Get Professional I.T. Services For Your Business Industry

Contact us today, we will custom tailor a solution specifically for your business industry and save you time, money and a lot of stress.

We provide customized solutions with an eye on the real business needs of the industries we support. From IT Consulting Services to Hosted Applications and Servers and a complete portfolio of Managed Services for infrastructure on client sites, we can provide a solution that meets your unique business needs. With strong knowledge that transcends technology to include the businesses themselves, our team is uniquely capable of providing solutions that empower firms to achieve extraordinary levels of success.

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Healthcare & Biotech

We provide a comprehensive managed services plan designed specifically for the healthcare and life science industries. With our solutions we can reduce operational costs, improve collaboration across departments and reduce compliance risks.

Airline & Aerospace

If you are in the Airline or Aerospace industry, your technology infrastructure is of paramount importance. You need to have the ability to respond to your department’s, facilities or manufacturing requirements quickly every time.

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Digital Media 

AMX understands and is experienced in the digital media market first hand. Our sister division provides hardware and services for the digital media industry inside out. We provide support for a wide range of digital media service clients in the digital, video, graphics, special effects, animation and film industry.


AMX provides IT support and solutions for manufacturers and the manufacturing sector. We understand the harsh conditions that manufacturers often work and the software commonly employed.

Law Enforcement and Security
Law Enforcement & Security

AMX provides managed services for state of the art law enforcement, state and national security technologies. From biometric analytic software,

Legal Firms

With more than fifteen years of experience helping law firms and attorneys, we understand the unique technological requirements and challenges facing the legal industry.

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AMX provides support for a wide range of clients in the financial services industry. Financial services firms have unique requirements.

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High Tech

High tech industries face complex challenges, including global competition, volatile global economy, shifting supply chains, growth of IT content in products and services.