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AHX Cloud File Sharing

Our cloud file sharing providers let you and your employees easily share files on the web, collaborate and work together on projects in a secure easy to use cloud environment with no costly I.T. infrastructure needed. Online workspaces, secure file sharing and integration with other popular business applications are just some of the many features available.

Easily Share Your Files In The Cloud

The two highly customizeable solutions that we offer for File Sharing are Microsoft’s Sharepoint and Box file sharing.
Sharepoint – Lets your employees work together in new ways not possible until now. Includes project management and the ability to organize your office into teams including Visual Studio and many other features for developers. Enhanced Workflows, automated file conversion and many other amazing features with numerous apps to collaborate from anywhere on any Android or iOS device.
Box – Simple secure file sharing from any device from anywhere. Box is a leading cloud file sharing and storage provider with many great features such as mobile sync, office integration, ssl encryption and much more.
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File Sharing Made Easy

Storing and sharing your data in the cloud does not require hardware to configure or maintain, and no cables to connect. The software is easy to setup and simple enough for anyone to use.

Collaboration Tools

Give your team the important collaboration tools they need with role and group based access, team sites and other powerful tools to help productively manage any group project.

Above & Beyond Support

When it comes to choosing a cloud services provider great support is what it’s all about. Our US based IT team is always here to provide expert support 24×7. We don’t sleep so you can.

Secure File Sharing

With 256k encryption, user management and password protection you can be sure that the people who are supposed to have the file shared with them will be able to download it and that your data is safe and secure.

Application Integration

We can set up a file sharing system that will integrate with popular business applications like Salesforce, Netsuite, Google Apps and even have API’s allowing your developers to integrate their own custom applications.

Apps for Android & iOS

Share files from any device from anywhere with powerful Android and iOS apps. Cloud sync features will allow you to view and synchronize your files across your laptop, iPad, mobile phone and desktop. Work from anywhere.

Get The Best Collaboration Tools FOr Your Team

Contact us today for more information on our Cloud File Sharing solutions and let us help you find the right plan for your business. Our Cloud Services team can have most new accounts up and running at your office in less than 24 hours.

Other options include:

  • Tier 1 Support
  • Active Directory Group
  • Custom Branding