DRS Technologies’ WatchMaster® thermal cameras continue to evolve in the perimeter security space with new lens options that range from a wide 90° field of view (FOV) to the narrow 6° FOV. The broad portfolio of lens configurations allows Integrators to optimize surveillance with flexible, energy-efficient solutions. The cameras are equipped with proprietary Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™) for exceptional image quality, day or night, eliminating the need for expensive high-mast lighting.

Keeping your facility secure, and your security budget manageable, means having a grasp of a number of factors – image quality, range, weather conditions, personnel and more. Thermal imaging offers solutions to all of these challenges, yet some systems integrators and facility managers are still misinformed when it comes to the true value of thermal. Often, these decision-makers will settle for sub-par imaging and detection products in an effort to maintain tight budgets.

But several factors have changed all that.
Thermal imaging products have been made more economical through the advanced, high-volume manufacturing processes developed by DRS Technologies. Additionally, image quality has been greatly improved with the introduction of DRS proprietary Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™) for heightened contrast and scene detail.

And because WatchMaster® Thermal cameras deliver reliable detection in daylight, complete darkness and other challenging environments, they outperform standard video surveillance and IR illumination, making it possible to secure a given facility using fewer cameras and/or roving personnel.

When evaluating your security and surveillance system requirements, don’t settle for seeing less. Open your eyes to the incredible image quality and affordability of WatchMaster® Thermal cameras, and you’ll settle for more. Learn more about WatchMaster® and the value of thermal by downloading our “Overcoming Security Blind Spots” white paper.

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