ALTTRIX is focused on five core service divisions. We aim to provide the best expertise and peace of mind to our customers at the best value always.


(AMX) uses a team of highly experienced and certified professionals to provide project management consulting and software development expertise. Our Project Management services integrate software knowledge and software development, skills, latest tools and techniques to program, prepare, manage, and secure resources to transcend client’s expectations. We customized each project based on its specific objectives.

Founded in 2006, ALTTRIX AMX has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. We over 18 offices, staffed with highly certified technical
resources. We sell and managed top manufacturer brands from around the world.


A division of ALTTRIX, we are a specialized creative firm with extensive knowledge in creative design, digital video production, graphic arts, special effects, 3D, digital marketing creativity, digital publishing and showtime, our broadcast streaming and distribution platform. ADS focuses in 4 key areas: Creative Services, Marketing Services, Digital Services, Broadcast Services


We’re one of the fastest growing service providers of the virtual Office Cloud for small businesses and professionals. We’re a one stop shop for business applications and IT services. We offer: email services, voice services, collaboration services, identity management.


(ADM) provides digital marketing services for our customers. Our services comprises of text messaging management, email marketing management, social media marketing, voice broadcast and marketing campaign management all from the cloud.


Provides a wide and comprehensive range of next generation mobile and electronic products. We carry over 500,000 items from distributors and manufacturers from all over the world.

We carry a full line of accessories, carrying and portability solutions, power supplies, automotive/ watercraft/aviation accessories for the mobile user.

ooohTV ( Coming Soon

ooohTV benefits from a wide variety of cutting edge, web 2.0+ web publishing and media syndication tools.

At ALTTRIX, you can rely on us with confidence and trust and know that all of our services are backed by above industry guarantees.